Kayak into the sunset

You’re here because you want a personalized, holistic approach to your health.  

You want an experienced team of professionals who aren’t simply going to hand you more pills or put you on another waiting list.  

You want compassionate care that will help you get back to your responsibilities at work and at home.

Because you have promotions to earn, little league to coach and romantic dinners to cook.  You have DIY projects to tackle, vacations to plan and golf swings to perfect.

Your life is too full to be sidelined by illness or injury.  So let's see if we can get it back on track.


Cancellation Policy:  In order to respect our patients and professionals, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel a booked appointment.  Each missed appointment will be billed $50 for massage, $20 for chiropractic and $20 for acupuncture.

Call today to book your appointment because you have promises to keep and roads yet untraveled. 

(705)878-5054   or   mcolavecchia@acupuncture-works.ca

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